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Indoor Vs Outdoor Pickleballs: The Must-Know Differences

For both amateur and professional players, indoor and outdoor pickleball, the must-know differences are crucial to consider.

Pickleball is an extensive mounting sport in Western countries, especially in the USA. It is an easy sport for beginners to learn and to become a competitor for experienced players. The simplicity of this sport is due to its features combining the elements of badminton, ping-pong, and tennis. Also, its rules are quite simpler to learn.

One of the most interesting facts about pickleball is that one can use different balls depending on the type of game whether it’s indoors or outdoors. There are significant indoor and outdoor court balls used in Pickleball but one can always use the same pickleball paddle.

If we talk about indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, they can not be considered equal. As both of them have different surroundings and unalike requirements.

For example, although we can use the same paddle on both courts the ball should be different on different courts. Which also raises a big question – like “Which pickleball ball is used for indoor and outdoor games?”

To understand such differences, we need to examine their qualities. In this way, one can always have the right pickleball ball for the game!

Balls used in Pickleball 

When it comes to pickleball, the most common question is what kind of balls can be used in both types of Pickleball courts either it’s about indoor or outdoor.

Before we discuss the type of ball, it is also important to know about the material, size, weight, and number of holes of the ball that is normally used in pickleball.


Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor ball both are made of plastic a bit heavier than a Wiffle ball and the size should be under 3 inches in diameter. 


Average Pickleball balls weigh around 0.88 oz which is heavier than a Wiffle ball whose size is around 0.7.


Pickleball balls contain a number of holes in them because most of them are made of plastic-like material so that they can easily spin and drag.

Ball’s weight color and size can also have a great impact on the game so according to these key points we have the following types of pickleball balls available. 

Types of Pickleball Balls

Different types of Pickleball balls are recommended for indoor and outdoor courts as they can affect the player’s playing style because indoor and outdoor courts have different weather temperatures and surfaces.

The fact is that, if a person knows the requirement of indoor vs outdoor pickleball balls, it’s a piece of cake for him to get the right ones every time. To find the best indoor and outdoor pickleball their difference is as follows:

Indoor Pickleballs

Indoor pickleball has some texture on their surface, are lighter in weight, and are softer as compared to outdoor pickleball balls. Indoor pickleball balls are easier to play with but they can’t tolerate windy outdoor conditions. 

In order to get the best indoor pickleball ball its weight and size are considered lighter and smaller while some of the other qualities are as follows:

  • Indoor balls have 26 holes in them which make them less bounce and get easily hit by the paddle.
  • An indoor pickleball consists of larger holes that are closer to one another as compared to an outdoor one.
  • They are more durable but less prone to cracking.
  • To provide it with more spin its texture can be changed.
  • Indoor pickleball balls weigh around 0.8 ounces.

They are also made of a much softer plastic which is easier to control. However, its larger holes and softer material sometimes cause more drag which may end up slamming the ball so indoor courts can be a little bit challenging.

Outdoor Pickleballs

Outdoor balls are made of thicker plastic with smaller holes. Outdoor pickleball is a bit heavier as compared to indoor. The smaller outdoor balls have smaller holes to make them less affected by wind and the thicker plastic helps with durability.

Following are some basic qualities that the best outdoor pickleball balls have are as below:

  • Outdoor pickleball balls carry 0.9 ounces.
  • Outdoor pickleball balls are quite heavier because 40 holes are penetrated into them to manage the pressure of outdoor weather.
  • The outdoor pickleball balls have smaller holes as compared to indoor balls which makes them less affected by outside wind and the thicker plastic helps with durability.
  • As outdoor pickleball balls are heavier in weight it requires a great force to hit but they have less drag as compared to indoor pickleball. Outdoor pickleball balls come off quickly to the paddle with greater speed.
  • Outdoor pickleball balls can not easily be controlled which also makes the game difficult.
  • Outdoor balls are composed of thicker plastic that maintains durability for rough play.
  • Outdoor pickleball balls despite having hard surfaces can easily get cracked and cannot last long but if it hits anyone because of their weight it can also cause injury.

Both indoor and outdoor balls have different flight techniques and bouncing patterns.

Indoor balls are lighter in weight and easily hit, providing less bouncing. While on the other hand, Outdoor balls are heavier in weight which provides higher bouncing but require great force to hit by a paddle.

Choosing indoor or outdoor courts ball depends upon one’s own personal choice. Normally, it is recommended to start with the indoor pickleball court, first get practice to the basics of being a “pickleball player” then move towards the outdoor court.

One can use outdoor balls indoors if he is good at avoiding being hit or there is nothing breakable around him.


Which court is recommended inside or outside while playing pickleball?

Pickleball is mostly recommended to play indoors. The fact is “indoor pickleball courts “are considered highly best by the players due to their maintenance, security, and various other benefits as compared to outdoor counts.

Both beginners and professionals prefer to play on indoor pickleball courts. Outdoor courts require a different environment and temperature which can easily affect the player playing style.

As it said “Practice makes a man perfect” When one has good control of the game then he can move toward outdoor courts.

Does indoor pickleball have any holes?

Indoor pickleball balls consist of “26” holes which are larger they are also customized indoor balls with more holes but all are lighter in weight as compared to outdoor balls.

Indoor balls are made of much softer plastic. These holes enable the ball to hit, bounce and spin easily providing more control and strength to the player.

Can indoor pickleball be used in outdoor court?

Indoor balls can be used on tennis courts but don’t perform as well as on outdoor courts.

Indoor pickleball balls are lighter in weight, are made of soft plastic material, and have a larger capacity to get hit harder, getting cracked.

The softer plastic and larger holes also don’t allow the ball to bounce due to which it can easily be caught by the wind.

In short, indoor balls can’t tolerate the pressure of a rough outdoor court.

Of which color are outdoor pickleball available?

There are no specific color requirements for pickleball balls. Anyone can use any color according to their own choice but it’s recommended to use a brighter color ball for visibility during the game.

However, pickleball balls are available in orange, yellow, and white colors. Such bright colors can be spotted in both indoor and outdoor courts.

Do outdoor pickleball balls have holes?

Outdoor pickleball is completely different in design compared to indoor pickle balls. Outdoor pickleball balls consist of large numbers of holes (40) but their size is smaller so that wind can’t pass through them during the game.

Smaller holes with durable plastic ensure the ball to an accurate flight path during the game.

Outdoor balls are made of a bit of heavy plastic material which can also withstand the pressure of roughness but if any get hit by an outdoor pickleball ball it can also cause injury.

Do indoor and outdoor pickleball rackets differ from each other?

No, generally any kind of racket can be used in both indoor and outdoor pickleball games.

The outdoor pickleball courts depict more resistance to powerful shots due to weather conditions. However, the type of paddle depends on the skills of the player and not on the type of court.