Top 15 Richest Pickleball Players in the World 

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport that blends tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Using paddles and a ball akin to a wiffle ball, it is played on a netted small court for doubles or singles matches with uncomplicated rules facilitating enjoyable, social games. Pickleball appeals to all ages. 

did you know that Pickleball is also a lucrative sport for some of the top players in the world? According to the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA), the total prize money for the 2023 season was over $2.5 million, making it the highest-paying pickleball tour in history. Some of the best pickleball players earn six-figure incomes from playing, coaching, and endorsing the sport.

This blog post will reveal the world’s top 15 richest pickleball players based on their estimated net worth, earnings, and sponsorships. We will also compare our list with the lists of other websites and provide some new and exciting facts about these pickleball stars. Let’s get started!

15. Catherine Parenteau – $150,000

Catherine Parenteau

Hailing from Canada, Catherine Parenteau has swiftly ascended the ranks to claim the fifth position in women’s doubles and eighth in mixed doubles globally. She secured her spot among the top earners with significant victories, including the 2021 US Open. Selkirk Sport, a prominent paddle manufacturer, proudly sponsors this pickleball sensation.

14. Kyle Yates – $160,000

Kyle Yates

American player Kyle Yates, a dominant force ranked fourth in men’s singles and seventh in men’s doubles, boasts an illustrious career with over 100 gold medals. Sponsored by Paddletek, he stands as the youngest player to triumph in the US Open, Tournament of Champions, and USA Pickleball National Championships.

13. Anna Leigh Waters – $170,000

Anna Leigh Waters

A prodigy in the sport, Anna Leigh Waters, ranks third in women’s singles and fourth in women’s doubles. The daughter of pickleball luminary Leigh Waters, she clinched her first pro title at 12. Engage Pickleball proudly sponsors this dynamic mother-daughter duo.

12. Steve Deakin – $180,000

Steve Deakin

Canadian player Steve Deakin, a former tennis star turned pickleball sensation, secures sixth in men’s singles and fifth in men’s doubles. With victories in major tournaments, including the 2021 Canadian Nationals, he is sponsored by Onix Pickleball.

11. Simone Jardim – $200,000

Simone Jardim

Heralded as the greatest female pickleball player, Brazilian-American Simone Jardim tops the world rankings in women’s singles and second in women’s doubles. With over 50 gold medals, she is sponsored by Franklin Sports, a renowned sports equipment company.

10. Ben Johns – $220,000

Ben Johns

Touted as the best male pickleball player, American Ben Johns has achieved the “triple crown” in men’s singles and mixed doubles. A former NCAA Division I tennis player, he shares sponsorship with Simone Jardim under Franklin Sports.

9. Lucy Kovalova – $240,000

Lucy Kovalova

Slovakian-American Lucy Kovalova, ranked second in women’s singles and third in women’s doubles, brings her tennis background to the pickleball court. Sponsored by Head, a global sports brand, she is a force to be reckoned with, securing multiple significant titles.

8. Matt Wright – $260,000

Matt Wright

American player Matt Wright, ranked third in men’s singles and second in men’s doubles, brings his expertise from NCAA Division I tennis. Partnered with Lucy Kovalova and sponsored by Head, he continues to shine with numerous significant titles.

7. Corrine Carr – $280,000

Corrine Car

An American player with a finance PhD, Corrine Carr ranks sixth in women’s doubles and ninth in mixed doubles. Her accomplishments, including victories in major tournaments, are sponsored by ProKennex, a high-end pickleball paddle company.

6. Tyson McGuffin – $300,000

Tyson McGuffin

American Tyson McGuffin, ranking second in men’s singles and fourth in men’s doubles, transitions from NCAA Division II tennis to become a formidable pickleball force. Selkirk Sport sponsors him alongside Catherine Parenteau and boasts a stellar record of significant titles.

5. Jessie Irvine – $320,000

Jessie Irvine

American player Jessie Irvine, ranking seventh in women’s doubles and tenth in mixed doubles, brings her NCAA Division I tennis experience to the pickleball court. Gamma Sports sponsors her and stands among the top earners with several major titles.

4. Adam Stone – $340,000

Adam Stone

Adam Stone, an American player ranking eighth in men’s singles and sixth in men’s doubles, adds his NCAA Division III tennis background to his pickleball success. Sponsored by Gamma Sports alongside Jessie Irvine, he clinches significant titles and a substantial net worth.

3. Leigh Waters – $360,000

Leigh Waters

Leigh Waters, a versatile American player, tops the world rankings in women’s doubles and fifth in mixed doubles. Partnering with her daughter, Anna Leigh Waters, she brings her NCAA Division I tennis background to the court. Engage Pickleball sponsors this dynamic mother-daughter duo.

2. Dave Weinbach – $380,000

Dave Weinbach

American player Dave Weinbach, ranking ninth in men’s singles and first in men’s doubles, brings his NCAA Division III tennis experience to the pickleball court. Sponsored by Paddletek alongside Kyle Yates, he secured numerous major titles, reflected in his substantial net worth.

1. Sarah Ansboury – $400,000

Sarah Ansboury

Claiming the pinnacle as the wealthiest pickleball player, Sarah Ansboury, ranked fourth in women’s singles, experiences a surge in net worth fueled by recent victories and enhanced marketability. Sponsored by Vybe, an upstart apparel brand, Ansboury emerges as the face of Pickleball, embodying the sport’s escalating popularity and the financial rewards it brings.


As Pickleball continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the financial success of its top players reflects the sport’s exponential growth. These athletes exemplify the rising status and earning potential within the pickleball community, from significant victories to lucrative sponsorships. With each tournament, their net worth grows alongside the sport’s soaring popularity, creating a dynamic landscape for Pickleball’s elite.

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