What To Wear To Play Pickleball?

Pickleball, a dynamic sport blending elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, offers a thrilling experience for people of all ages and skill levels. 

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced player looking to improve, picking the right clothes is important for safety, performance, and manners. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the importance of what you wear when playing pickleball, covering everything from clothing to shoes and accessories.

Why Does It Matter What You Wear To Play Pickleball?

You might underestimate the significance of your pickleball attire, but there are compelling reasons to pay attention:


Wearing the appropriate clothes and shoes helps prevent injuries such as blisters, chafing, sprains, and strains, ensuring a safe and enjoyable game.


The proper attire can enhance your agility, speed, and endurance, contributing to an improved overall game experience.


Respecting your opponents, partners, and the game itself is vital. Wearing clean, neat, and appropriate attire demonstrates your commitment to the sport.

What To Wear To Play Pickleball: Clothes

Fabric Choice

Opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, or spandex for lightweight, durable, and quick-drying clothing. Avoid heavy, absorbent materials like cotton or wool.


Choose fitted, but not too tight, clothes that allow free movement without compromising comfort. Loose attire can lead to accidents.

Weather Considerations

Adapt your clothing to the weather, wearing breathable, moisture-wicking outfits in hot conditions and layering up for colder weather.

Personal Style

Express yourself on the court by choosing clothes that match your style, whether colorful, patterned, plain, branded, or customized.

What To Wear To Play Pickleball: Shoes


Select shoes designed for pickleball, tennis, or court sports to ensure stability, support, and traction during lateral movements.

Fit and Comfort

Prioritize shoes that fit well, providing enough room for your feet without being too loose or tight. Cushioning and impact absorption are key for comfort.

Court Surface and Weather

Consider the court surface and weather conditions when choosing shoes. Opt for non-marking soles on hard courts and materials suitable for various weather elements.

What To Wear To Play Pickleball: Accessories

Enhance your pickleball experience with suitable accessories:


Consider wearing a hat, visor, headband, or bandana to shield your face from the sun, wind, and sweat. Choose breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics for optimal comfort.

Eye Protection

Protect your eyes with sunglasses, goggles, or eyeglasses made of shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant materials.

Protective Gear

If needed, use gloves, wristbands, or elbow pads to safeguard against blisters, abrasions, or inflammation.

Carry Essentials

Carry your essentials in a belt, pouch, backpack, or bag, ensuring they are made of lightweight and waterproof materials.


To maximize your enjoyment of pickleball, it’s essential to consider your attire carefully. Prioritize safety, performance, and personal style to confidently step onto the court, ready to play your best game. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, the proper clothing, shoes, and accessories can make all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear leggings to play pickleball?

Yes, you can wear leggings to play pickleball. Comfortable athletic wear, including leggings, is generally suitable for pickleball. Just ensure that your clothing allows for easy movement on the court.

What shoes do you wear to play pickleball?

It’s recommended to wear athletic shoes with non-marking soles when playing pickleball. Court shoes or tennis shoes are popular choices as they provide the necessary support and traction on the court surface.

What is pickleball fashion?

Pickleball fashion typically includes comfortable and moisture-wicking athletic wear. Players often choose breathable shirts, shorts, or skirts. Many also wear hats and sunglasses for sun protection. Prioritize comfort and functionality for the key to success.

What is pickleball etiquette?

Pickleball etiquette is essential for a positive playing experience. Standard etiquette includes respecting opponents and partners, waiting your turn, avoiding distractions, and following the rules. Good sportsmanship, courtesy, and fair play are integral to pickleball etiquette.

Does Pickleball Have a Dress Code?

Pickleball generally does not have a strict dress code. However, players are encouraged to wear appropriate athletic attire and adhere to any specific guidelines set by the facility where they are playing.

Can You Play Pickleball Outside in Winter?

Yes, you can play pickleball outside in winter, weather permitting. If the court is not icy and conditions are safe, players often continue to enjoy pickleball outdoors. It’s important to dress warmly and consider factors like wind chill and precipitation.

What do you wear to play pickleball in summer?

For summer pickleball, choose moisture-wicking, breathable clothing like lightweight, short-sleeved tops or tank tops paired with athletic shorts or skirts. Opt for UPF-rated gear for sun protection, wear a hat and sunglasses, and select well-ventilated athletic shoes. Remember to stay hydrated and consider light-colored attire for sun reflection.

Where can I buy pickleball equipment and apparel?

Purchase pickleball equipment and apparel online or offline from various stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or Pickleball Central. Compare prices, reviews, and ratings to make informed decisions.

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