Best pickleball paddles for spin

If you are a pro looking for the best pickleball paddles for a spin, you have landed on the right page. The perfection of a game depends on the type of paddle you choose.

Before digging deeper into the type of best pickleball paddles for a spin, we must discuss the impact of the right pickleball paddle on the player’s game. Choosing the right pickleball paddle that goes best with your skill level and the game strategy is impeccable to deliver outstanding performance across the court.

Every pickleball player owns a different strategic plan to win the game and they choose their paddle accordingly. The better the spin of the paddle, the greater will be the chances to win the game. Hence, choosing the top pickleball paddle with precise spin, balance, and control is crucial to bringing the game up to the next level.

We compile the list of best pickleball paddles that will give you ultimate spin and power with better control.

Diadem Warrior Carbon Fiber

Quality features

  • The 3XL-Core provides great reactivity on the court.
  • The Taper tech provides exceedingly good comfort.
  • Gives expanded coverage over the court.


  • Delivers better control in the kitchen.
  • The durable face grit is best for a spin.
  • Great paddle to deliver plenty of power and control.


  • It is too loud while hitting a powerful stroke.
  • A bit overpriced.

Constructed with multiple new technologies to deliver enhanced playability and a revolutionary spin, the Diadem Warrior Paddle is the best pickleball racket for spin and control.

The 3X L-Core delivers a powerful hit with a better feel and the unique Grit paint makes it the top pickleball paddle for a spin. The sandwich of three different types of a core comprising carbon fiber, polypropylene, and Aramid honeycomb core, and the taper tech molded handle provides a solid and stable feel with a comfortable grip.

The wide sweet spot and premium balance of Diadem Warrior make it the best pickleball paddle on the market.

Main Specifications

Weight8.5 oz
Length16.4 in
Material Carbon Fiber
Grip 4 1/8”
Balance233 mm

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16mm Swift

Quality features

  • The Hyper Foam Edge wall gives greater stability and a wide sweet spot.
  • The carbon-forged handle enables maximum flex and additional comfort.
  • The CFS technology provides greater spin.


  • Gives better dinking and spin shots.
  • Delivers a great impact and super.
  • Slightly light and gives great balance. absorption.


  • Expensive.

The innovation is delivered at its best with JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle. The well-known name and global leader in preparing tennis sports gear for the last 70+ years, JOOLA upgraded their new line of pickleball gears to level up the game to its highest.

The elongated face paddle with a Carbon Friction Surface increases the amount of spin and hence making this paddle the best-rated pickleball paddle for a spin. The advanced reactive polypropylene honeycomb core material enables maximized consistency of the bounce and the Hyperedge foam wall delivers an extra-wide sweet spot.

This paddle delivers outstanding performance across the court and is rightly known as one of the best pickleball paddles for a spin innovation is delivered at its best with JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 pickleball paddle. The well-known name and global leader in preparing tennis sports gear for the last 70+ years, JOOLA upgraded their new line of pickleball gears to level up the game to its highest.

The elongated face paddle with a Carbon Friction Surface increases the amount of spin and hence making this paddle the best-rated pickleball paddle for a spin. The advanced reactive polypropylene honeycomb core material enables maximized consistency of the bounce and the Hyperedge foam wall delivers an extra-wide sweet spot.

This paddle delivers an outstanding performance across the court and is rightly known as one of the best pickleball paddles for a spin.

Main Specifications

Weight0.31 kg
LxWxH17.28 x 13.82 x 2.72 inches
Material Plastic
Grip 4 ½”
Warranty180 days

Babolat Rebel Power

Quality features

  • The EVA C3H6 honeycomb core provides a higher strength-to-weight ratio.
  • The strong edge guard enables better shock resistance.
  • The synthetic grip offers ideal durability and comfort.


  • Great paddle for a powerful hit.
  • Makes the game better overnight for professional players.
  • Gives a wide sweet spot.


  • Not specified.

Get yourself ready to make a statement game with the Babolat Rebel Power pickleball paddle. The lightweight responsive material, ideal balance, and great durability make Babolate Rebel Power a top pickleball paddle for players.

The uptake grip and strong edge guard deliver the best pressure to give a perfect shot on the court. The C3H6 polypropylene honeycomb core offers a better strength-to-weight ratio and helps the players to dominate the game like a pro!

Main Specifications

Weight8.1 oz
Length16.1 in
Material EVA-enclosed Polypropylene honeycomb core
Grip length5 in
Edge Guard1/5″ overlapping paddle face


Quality features

  • The kinetic system technology enables better shock absorption with a greater feel.
  • The Proprietary 7-layer coating provides a great spin-grab feature.
  • The Air-O-Guard bumper provides a highly efficient edge guard


  • Great paddle for players suffering from tendinitis elbow.
  • Large sweet spot.
  • Enables easier strokes.


  • Not recommended for beginners.

The lightweight and maneuverability of ProKennex Pro Speed II make it the fastest-responding pickleball paddle ever. The wind-resistant edgeless construction and the polypropylene honeycomb core material enable reflex enhancement.

The core material of this paddle also delivers high-impact shock absorption and better touch and feel. The replaceable Air-O-Guard is updated according to USAPA and makes this paddle best for sanctioned tournaments.

The Kinetic shock absorption technology and the Carbon Casing of this paddle make it the best pop pickleball paddle for the kitchen.

Main Specifications

Weight0.28 kgs
Paddle dimensionsL15.59 x W 8.7 x H1.46 inches
Material Carbon fiber
TechnologyPro kennex

Onix Evoke Premier

Quality features

  • USAPA approved for sanctioned tournaments.
  • The Atomic 13 Edge technology enables better swing speed and great spin.
  • The consistent minimal coating softens the ball without losing a spin.


  • The fairly large sweet spot.
  • Gives better power and control.
  • Enables a solid spin.


  • Too noisy.

Onix Evoke Premier is one of the best pickleball rackets with its Atomic 13 Edge Technology and precisely cut polypropylene core, it enables increased power, better swing speed, and incredible touch.

The DF composite face gives a consistent minimal coating and the edge guard technology disperses shock, providing the highest level of the game.

The design of this paddle is trusted by top-level players as it enhances their performance to winning levels of the game.

Main Specifications

Weight7.5-8.5 oz
Handle Length5”
Material Aluminum
Paddle ShapeImpact

GAMMA Sports 2.0

Quality features

  • USAPA-certified pickleball paddle and comply with all specifications to meet the requirements of sanctioned tournaments.
  • The Aramid honeycomb core gives better power and good control.
  • A honeycomb cushioned grip gives ultra-sweat absorption.


  • Well-built and lightweight.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • The spin is good and the pop is well.


  • This paddle is not suitable for advanced players.

The perfect blend of Aramid honeycomb core and textured fiberglass face of Gamma Micron 2.0 provides excellent power and control that boost the play to the next level.

This middle-weight pickleball offers a smooth texture, crisp feel, and comfortable sweat-absorbing grip.

The specifications of this paddle make it the best-rated pickleball paddle in the market which is equally good for both beginner and advanced-level players.

Main Specifications

Weight8.1 oz
Length15.75 in
Material Aramid Honeycomb core
Grip4 1/8”
TextureFiber Glass

Best pickleball paddles for spin

When you are executing that top spin (low to high) or backspin (high to low) motion, a rough paddle face “grabs” the ball creating rotation. You can create this “roughness” with a variety of materials including fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite, T700 (a form of carbon fiber), wood, etc.

Benefits of putting a spin on the ball

Spinning on the ball gives additional shots that are difficult for your opponents to handle by:

  • Keeping your opponents guessing about its motion.
  • Without the ball landing, it will allow you to hit the ball harder.
  • More consistent and stronger to return baseline drives.
  • More aggressive serves will be given.

How long does the grit last on a paddle?

One of the most overlooked factors when purchasing a paddle for a spin is “how long will this spin surface last?

It’s a little-known fact that many professional players are using a brand-new paddle each tournament. These players want the best and highest-performance spin and consistency. It is important before wear and tear quickly lowers the performance level of the paddle.

The surface of the paddle will wear down even if it is not an overlay material. This also depends on how often you use the paddle, but it has been found it can be a quick drop-off even for players playing only one or two times a week.

A significant decline is expected in spin performance from most pickleball paddles after just 1 to 2 months if they are being played moderately to frequently.

The recently developed ProSpin+ technology not only generates insane RPM on the ball, but it will keep that same spin potential even after six months.

And so, the need to buy a new paddle every month is highly reduced. These newly developed paddles provide the longest-lasting spin surface on the market

Graphite or Composite paddle for spin

According to experts, the most important piece of equipment for any new pickleball player is a good pair of court shoes. And after that comes a good paddle tailored to your type of game is the next best piece of equipment.

In the game of pickleball, the right paddle will help you to improve certain types of shots dramatically. Currently, most paddles are constructed with graphite and composite materials, pickleball players remain divided in their preference in one material over the other.

Composite pickleball paddles are starkly contrasted with their graphite counterparts. Graphite pickleball paddles generally have smooth, polished, lightweight carbon fiber faces that are free of texture and any kind of grip.

Why composite pickleball paddles are good

Pickleball paddles built of composite materials are highly sought after for four main reasons:

  • As they are Great for Power and Touch
  • They are Highly Durable
  • For Big Sweet Spot
  • The exceptional ability to give any level of player opportunities for an accurate and precise spin.

The classification of composite material is a misnomer since the material these paddles are constructed from are unique blends typically consisting of fiberglass, carbon fiber, resin, and vinyl in addition to new and advanced aerospace materials such as polycarbonate and polymer cores.

Due to its ever-so-slight grab, it enhances the level of performance. The composite paddles provide textured tactile paddle surfaces that facilitate the best spin possible for the ball.

The textured surface of the paddle’s face makes it easy for the players to momentarily “grab” or manipulate the ball mid-air. This gives players unparalleled precision and control when wanting to execute shots that require putting the ball on the spin.

The exception to the rule

A lot of advances in new types of graphite paddles tailored towards spin and ball manipulation have begun to trickle onto the market. There’s a new paddle series that includes a “liquid graphite” option and there is a proprietary skin-like overlay that provides touch, spin, and quieter play.

Both of these paddles are graphite paddles but are said to deliver insane amounts of spin, never before seen from a graphite paddle before.

Tips to add spin to the ball

  1. Don’t overdo the spin. These exaggerated motions are not high-percentage shots, and more importantly, they aren’t even necessary!
  2. Allow the paddle to do its work. All paddles can impart spin on the ball and your natural stroke often puts plenty of spinning motion on the ball. You should use a modest high-to-low motion for a backspin or a low to high motion for a topspin. When it comes to spinning, less is always more.
  3. Use a paddle that is specifically designed for a spin. As discussed, in tip number one, we should not use exaggerated chopping motions because these are incredibly difficult to control. So, a paddle that is designed to generate spin creates rotation on the ball and will keep your shots under control.

FAQs for pickleball

Why do so many people talk about pickleball spin?

Pickleball spin is important mainly for two reasons:

1. The sports are evolving every day and compared to the game’s early days, pickleball has progressed from a slower drinking game to a much more athletic sport and almost all the players are more technically skilled than before.
More athletes are being attracted to the sport and need better equipment and so companies have started to manufacture high-tech paddles to meet this demand.

This combination of skill and advanced paddle technology continues to push the level of play.

Because of the emergence of advanced skills like putting a spin on the ball, it has become pretty clear that pickleball equipment makers have taken notice of this trend by launching paddles that are optimized for the style of play we are seeing on the court with a variety of new textured surfaces to maximize spin.

2. As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, pickleball is attracting an immense number of former tennis players. Most advanced tennis players are skilled at putting different effects on the ball such as topspin, backspin, and side spin and most are also able to put some pretty decent spin on their serve.

It’s hard to find a seasoned tennis player that is not able to put a spin on the ball.

Most veteran players have a strong topspin serve and they can also place a well-targeted drop shot with backspin and are able to handle returning a serve with a lot of “junk” on it.

Forehand topspin is mostly used as a dominant weapon in the sport if you watch pro tennis

Why pickleball paddles are important to put a spin on shots?

While high-quality sporting goods can definitely help improve your game, many players overestimate how much impact the equipment has on their game and skill.

While the paddle face surface does help it is important to keep in mind that compared to a slippery face of a cheap wood paddle a high-end composite paddle with a textured face will make it a lot easier to spin the ball.

You need to develop pickleball skills and practice your shots first if you want a great spin. The combination of hard work skill and a quality paddle that is designed for a spin can take your pickleball game to the next level.

Why are Composite Paddles considered best for a spin?

If we take a close look at the face of a composite paddle, we can see the texture of the material which is normally fiberglass compared to the glossy finish of a graphite or carbon fiber paddle face.

That texture is what gives the paddle some “grab” or “bite” so when the player slices it across the ball it gives it a spin.

On a tennis racket, the player can enhance the “bite” factor on their racket by using textured, rougher, or tacky strings to “grab” the ball by modifying the space between the strings which leads to more space between strings for the ball to sink into.

This means that in tennis you can modify your strings to help increase spin but when it comes to a pickleball paddle you are stuck with the paddle face you buy so there’s no real way to increase texture or “grab” after you’ve bought the paddle.

Why Graphite Paddles are not considered the best pickleball paddles for spin?

Graphite paddle paddles are known for being strong and lightweight. The one feature they have been missing up until now was the texture of the paddle.
Graphite or carbon fibers are high gloss and slippery surfaces and lack surface roughness and texture. As it is discussed earlier that composite materials are known for their texture.

Things changed when there was the release of what they call “liquid graphite”. It is a chemically bonded surface that lays over the surface of the paddle and enhances the texture to give it extra touch, texture and feel.

In addition to increased touch and “playability”, the bonded “skin” gives it the bite that you would get from a composite paddle.

This new material could be a major milestone since it would deliver the benefits of graphite paddles as well. Features such as lightweight, and durability with the paddle surface grab that was lacking up until now.

Is it legal to put a spin on a ball during pickleball serve?

It has been noticed many times that a game comes to a complete stop while players from both sides debate whether or not a player’s serve is legal or not.

As more tennis players migrate to pickleball I think this is going to be a more common dispute since they are used to putting a spin on the ball…and a lot of pickleball players, mostly beginners, may not be used to seeing so much effect coming off the ball. So, it is possible that you put a spin on a pickleball serve and still keep it legal.

So, putting a spin on your service is legal but there are a few other important factors to consider about the general pickleball serving rules to make sure your service is legal.

Here are a few important rules to keep in mind:

Service Rule #4. A:
The serve must be made with an underhand stroke so that contact with the ball is made below the waist level waist is defined as the navel level and it is generally known as motions serve.

4.A.1 Underhand Defined is another rule which states that the arm must be moving in an upward arc and the paddle head shall be below the wrist when it strikes the ball.

A paddle head is that part of the paddle excluding the handle. While serving the highest point of the paddle head cannot be above any part of the line formed where the wrist joint bends or it will be illegal otherwise.

So based on the rules, there are three most important factors to keep your service legal:
1. The arm of the player must be moving in an upward arc. or, the paddle needs to be going in an upward motion
2. If there is contact with the ball it must occur below the waist and
3. The highest part of the paddle cannot be above the wrist otherwise it will be illegal.

Which is the best pickleball paddle for a spin?

The best paddle for spinning is different for each person and there’s no definite answer.

There are hundreds of paddle brands out there and the brand that suit you best is best for you. It depends on your grip and comfort.

Do thicker pickleball paddles deliver better than thinner?

For an advanced-level player who wants to deliver a perfect, powerful shot, a paddle with a thin core is better than the thicker one.

However, for beginners or those who are practicing the game, thicker core paddles with better power are highly recommended.

How often one should upgrade their pickleball paddles?

Since the life span of a good pickleball paddle is up to 5 years, one should upgrade it accordingly.

However, it totally depends upon the frequency of use of that paddle. The more you use, the sooner you need to upgrade them.