Best pickleball paddle for women

Selecting the best pickleball paddle for women demands trustworthy information and consideration of the material, shape, and handle thickness of the paddle.

One must be well aware of the different types of pickleball paddles, the weight, shape, length, and materials used in constructing their core and face.

The aim of playing this game is to enjoy the fresh air, socialize with your fellow players, and have fun exercising. Like the other commodities that you purchase, buying the best pickleball paddles also requires you to value your money and buy a good quality product rather than an expensive one.

Compiled below is the list of best pickleball paddles for women that will not only meet their quality requirements but will also be economical to purchase.

Gamma Sports 2.0

Quality features

  • USAPA approved.
  • The fiberglass face texture provides enhanced power and good control.
  • The Aramid honeycomb core texture makes these paddles a top choice for both beginners and professional players.


  • Provides excellent ball control.
  • The ergonomic design makes them sweat absorbent.
  • Great power and good control.
  • The honeycomb texture provides an enhanced cushion grip.


  • Slightly heavier.

Made to provide good support, a balance of power, and control the Gamma Sports 2.0 is one of the best pickleball paddles for women. It is one of the lightest paddles on the market and is preferred by players who love a quick swing. Gamma Sports 2.0 is also suitable for players who demand a powerful stroke added with a stable feel.

It comprises a fiberglass face that delivers excellent control over the ball and the honeycomb cushion grip provides a comfortable feel.

The design of these paddles is approved by USAPA rules and hence they are not too heavy. In contrast to the traditional pickleball paddles, Gamma Sports 2.0 paddles are designed to be more ergonomic to absorb sweat effectively and provide an enhanced grip.

The paddle comprises an extremely durable and high-quality material that makes them last longer. The fiberglass face gives additional stability to these paddles and the honeycomb texture provides an improved grip. These paddles are ideal for women who want to improve their game.

Main Specifications

Size8 oz
Weight0.57 pounds
Age RangeAdult
Grip Size4
Skill levelBeginner

Onix Z5 Graphite

Quality features

  • The tennis handle shape provides spectacular touch and control.
  • Nomex honeycomb core provides excellent weight.
  • Meet the requirements and are approved by USAPA.


  • Its wider body provides more control.
  • Gives superior ball control.
  • The large sweet spot for a powerful hit.
  • Complex body material.


  • These paddles are not for kids.

Onix Z5 Graphite pickleball paddles are perfect for players who want a powerful and perfect shot. These paddles provide superior ball control and their design makes them quite similar to tennis paddles. However, they slightly differ in weight distribution.

Onix Z5 is quite popular as the paddles provide superior ball control. The graphite and carbon material are combined to provide excellent strength, high-quality touch, and a perfect feel for the ball.

These paddles have a large sweet spot which makes it easy for players to hit the moving ball. The design and stylish looks of this paddle make it look great and the large handle makes swinging easier with a more comfortable grip. The wider, dense body of Onix Z5 gives more control.

It is the best pickleball paddle for women who prefer a solid feel and comfortable grip on the court.

Main Specifications

SizeOne Size
Weight0.51 pounds
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Age RangeAdult
Grip Size4 ¼”
Skill levelBeginner

HEAD Extreme Tour

Quality features

  • The polymer graphite head provides better control shots.
  • Lightweight with enhanced grip.
  •  Available in a variety of colors.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Enables good spin.
  • Approved by USAPA.
  • Comprises Control Stabilizer Technology.
  • Provides Comfort grip.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • A bit expensive.

Featuring an Optimized Tubular Core, The Extreme Series by Head has come up with the lightest and top-rated pickleball paddle the Extreme Tour light.

An excellent paddle for beginners and experienced players, it is one of the best Head pickleball paddles for a spin. Its 7.6 oz weight provides a powerful game performance across the board. Its supper spiny graphite face produces a light but plenty of snap for players to deliver a winning hit.

It comprises one of the most advanced Core Stabilizer Technologies that is present only in Head’s Advanced paddles. This technology lessens the twisting of paddles, keeps the wrist stable, and ensures the most precise and impactful shots.

Moreover, the touch of yellow and black color makes them simply look gorgeous and are perfect for women with a greater aesthetic sense of pickleball games.

Main Specifications

Weight7.6 oz
Materialpolypropylene honeycomb
Grip Size4 ½”
Skill levelBeginner

Prince Spectrum Pro

Quality features

  • Its revolutionary shape reduces disruptive vibration and enhances sweet spot size.
  • The Honeycomb core disperses energy impact and provides a larger response.
  • Progressive core technology powers up a hard stroke.


  • Fairly responsive.
  • USAPA approved.
  • Available in a wide range of 4 colors.


  • No specific drawback, just a bit pricy.

The round corners and the irregular shape are the most prominent aspect of the Prince Spectrum Pro. The enlarged sweet spot of this paddle enables a high-quality shot.

The internal 9/16” polypropylene honeycomb core enhances the power of this paddle. Head has undoubtedly distinguished the thicker core and indiscriminate speed of Prince from the conventional paddles.

The speed of this paddle gets amplified as the player exerts more force. Although the action is predictable and controllable. Therefore, the pace of the Prince Spectrum Pro paddle is also referred to as “linear progressive”.

It comes in lightweight and standard weight options. The lightweight and smaller version of the weight range 7.2-7.6 oz is considered more practical and suitable for women.

Main Specifications

WeightComes in a variety of sizes ranging from 7.2oz to 8.3 oz
Materialpolypropylene honeycomb
Shape Wide-body
Grip Size5”
Skill levelAll

Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles

Quality features

  • The elongated face provides a high level of performance and enhanced sweet spot.
  • The Nuecore technology enables a quieter and more responsive feel.
  • The honeycomb core provides unbeatable control.


  • Carries a lightweight design.
  • ess noisy than outdated paddles.
  • Neucore technology delivers better power.


  • Smaller sweet spot.

If you are looking for a paddle to beat the game like a pro, then the Gamma NeuCore Pickleball paddle is designed for you. The first choice of professional players to edge over the competition, these paddles are designed to master the game.

The Neucore technology enables excellent power and control and the honeycomb core provides a large sweet spot with better accuracy. Along with that, the paddle ensures efficient power, swift speed, and a comfortable grip.

These paddles deliver a comfortable and responsive grip and are quieter than alternative pickleball paddles. The ergonomic design enables excellent comfort during a game, making them the best all-around pickleball paddles.

The durability of these paddles is provided by their synthetic material which also resists high impact. The signature honeycomb core cushion of Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddles provides a better feel of the ball and provides more power with every swing.

The 25% large cell count offers more receptive charm and ease of arm, creating predictable power and high-intensity control.

Main Specifications

Weight7.7 oz
Age rangeAdvanced
Grip Size4 1/8”
Skill levelAdvanced

Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

Quality features

  • The elongated blade enables the shot that was once unreachable.
  • Sensa Poly Core Technology enables powerful hits at sharp angles.
  • The graphite face promotes perfect placement from the baseline.


  • Perfect for players looking for balance and control.
  • Comes with a smooth rubber surface.
  • Comprises lightweight design.
  • Is certified by USAPA.


  • Slightly narrow sweet spot.

Gamma Sports Paddles are one of the best pickleball paddles for beginners and are the right option for women who want to make s good progress in their game.

These lightweight paddles allow players to reduce the attack without losing control and hence are the best pickleball paddles for a spin and counter that attack. The Gamma Sports Paddles come with elongated handles that enhance the power of the shot and the rubber surf surface will dampen the impact.

The Graphite Honeycomb core along with 4 high-tech cushion grips enhances the balance of power and provides better control. the fiberglass surface ensures less vibration than traditional paddles and provides excellent durability.

The handle offers a soft and comfortable grip providing a better experience with every swing.

Main Specifications

Weight7.6 oz
Length16 5/8”
Grip Size4 ”
Skill levelBeginner

Franklin Christine McGrath Signature

Quality features

  • The supreme cushion provides a comfortable grip.
  • The Carbon Fiber Face empowers greater speed and spin.
  • The polypropylene core provides a larger sweet spot and effortless shot.


  • Well-balanced paddles enable winning shots.
  • For professional use but are good for any level of player.
  • Available in a number of nice colors.
  • USAPA approved.


  • Not good when compared to some of the best wood pickleball paddles

Constructed with MaxGrit Technology, the Franklin Christian McGrath is designed to dampen the vibration and provides precision play and optimal control.

The fiberglass face and polypropylene hitting surface enable great spin and a better feel. The USAPA-approved Christian McGrath is designed by a 3X Pro gold medalist, comprising premium quality, and is built to strive and win the game at the highest level.

Comes with a 90-day manufacturing warranty against defects. It is the best pickleball paddle for tennis elbow and is specifically designed for women with athletic minds. It has a midweight model and has a comfortable, standard grip size of 4.25” thick

Main Specifications

Weight7.5 – 7.8 oz
Age rangeYouth
Grip Size4-1/4”
Skill levelProfessional

How to choose the best pickleball paddle for women?

Looking for a guide to choosing the best pickleball paddle for women? Sports pieces of equipment designed for women players are slightly different from those designed for men. As with different types of sports, the types of equipment designed for men and women are different.

However, it is not the case with pickleball paddles. Almost all the pickleball paddles available in the market are unisex. Therefore, instead of searching in the wrong direction, one should search about the quality

and features that women prefer to choose in a pickleball paddle. With dissimilar expectations and requirements, the choice of women players is different from that of men players.

That’s why to help you search for the best pickleball paddle for you, let’s help you understand how this guide works.

Grip circumference

Regarded as “thin” and “standard” sizes the grip circumference decides the comfort, power, control, and deliverance of the shot.

The pickleball paddles with a thin grip provide better control and grip comfort to players with comparatively smaller hand sizes. On the other hand, the standard grip size offers more arm strength and increased control for players with larger hands.

Therefore, where standard grip size is suitable for players, the thin grip size tends to be the best fit for women players.


Women generally have less musculature than men and prefer using lighter-weight pickleball paddles. Therefore, the average weighted paddles of 7.3 to 8.4 oz can serve as a good option. However, the heavier pickleball paddles at 8.4 that are generally preferred by men are not considered a good choice for women.

Therefore, when buying a pickleball paddle the first and foremost thing to consider is the weight of the paddle. When in action you may not feel it at first but by the end of the game, the heavier the paddle will be the more will be its impact your play.

Let’s take a look at the performance and impact of each type of paddle according to its weight.

Heavy-weight paddles

Heavy-weight paddles generate a more powerful shot and the ball travels faster through the net. However, for beginners the weight may cause a strain on their arms, leading to stress injuries such as tennis elbow.

Midweight paddles

These paddles are best suitable for all types of players as they allow more flexibility across the court and are less prone to causing injuries.

Lightweight paddles

Lightweight paddles are good for beginners who want to practice in the court without fearing any muscular injury.

Material type

Pickleball paddles primarily comprise three types of material that are wood, graphite, and composite material. All three differ in their core stability, power, control, and deliverance and hence are preferred accordingly.

Wood paddles

Though the best wood pickleball paddles are the conventional ones. They are less pricey and good to begin with. But they have a disadvantage in that they are a bit heavy and are less durable. Hence, they cannot serve for long.

Graphite paddles

These paddles are lighter in weight as compared to wood paddles and are much more durable. Therefore, graphite pickleball paddles are good to go for a long time.

Composite paddles

Composite paddles are available in the market and comprise both wood and graphite material.

Skill level

The last thing that matters while selecting the right pickleball paddle is the skill level of the players. The skill level for any game is divided into three levels which are


The paddles designed for beginners are comparatively lighter in weight as the player’s body is not ready for strenuous and heavy performance.


Intermediate-level players generally go for the paddles that work perfectly for both beginner and professional skill levels.


The pickleball paddles used by professionals are usually considered the absolute paddles in the market.

It is a general recommendation for most of the players to go for intermediate-level pickleball paddles for overall use.


Though this feature is a little debatable to look for, still it is worth conversing. Women due to less muscle mass than men cannot generate as much power as men. This means that buying a pickleball paddle with much power, graphite face, or thicker core is not a good idea. Therefore, women must tend to go for a lightweight pickleball paddle with more reliable power and control than heavier ones.


Fiberglass or graphite, which pickleball paddle is good?

Both graphite and fiberglass materials are generally considered good to construct pickleball paddles. Both of these are considered strong as compared to wood paddles.

Fiberglass paddles are heavier than graphite paddles and are considered to be more powerful.

However, the graphite pickleball paddles deliver better control and finesse. But the disagreement occurs when it comes to power and spin.

The truth is that better control and spin depend more on the skill and style of a player rather than a paddle. So, one can go for any of these paddles depending upon his skills.

How to choose the right pickleball paddle?

To choose the right pickleball paddle, you must consider the following factors.
When buying a pickleball paddle the first and foremost thing to consider is the weight of the paddle. The heavier the weight, the more powerful will be the shot.
Grip size
Where standard grip size is suitable for men players, the thin grip size tends to be the best fit for women players.
Material type
Pickleball paddles primarily comprise three types of material that are wood, graphite, and composite material. All three differ in their core stability, power, control, and deliverance.
Skill level
while selecting the right pickleball paddle is the skill level of the players. The skill level for any game is divided into three levels which are beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Once considered, you must choose the paddle according to your requirements

Is there any difference between the cheap and the most expensive pickleball paddles?

In general, the cheapest pickleball paddles are made from wood while the most expensive pickleball paddles are made up of graphite.

The type of paddle affects the overall experience of the game. So even if the budget is low, do not go for wood pickleball paddles as they are clumsy, offer fewer benefits, and are less durable as compared to graphite pickleball paddles.