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Best pickleball gloves for 2023: Ladies & Men’s Glove Reviews

If you want to move on to the next level of pickleball game, the 1st question that may come to your mind is, do you require gloves?  Or how to find the best pickleball gloves? Among those lots of options, what is best for you? that’s what matters.

Gloves are not necessarily for playing pickleball but are commonly used by many players. According to them, they feel the glove improves their grip and playing style. It’s the reason we see more players using pickleball gloves.

Therefore, if you want a solid grip on the paddle and better playability, then you must get yourself the best pickleball gloves that will help you keep a strong grip with good control and moveability. 

Like a golf or batting glove, pickleball gloves will also provide protection to your hand and wrist against paddle hits as they absorb paddle stress and vibration.

Every pickleball player has his own unique style of playing so when he is investing in the gloves, he should like the look of his glove that also reflects his personality and playing style. So, let’s check out the best pickleball gloves that magnify your playability and boost your bravura statement.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove

Quality features

  • One-piece construction for durability and strength.
  • The adjustable strap gives a secure fit.
  • Comes with a single-glove option.


  • Helps in keeping hands dry.
  • Absorbs vibration.
  • Improves grip and control.


  • Restricts flexing of the hand.

Crafted from the finest premium leather with high-quality construction, the Franklin Sports are the best pickleball gloves with unmatched durability. This glove includes a padded thumb and forefinger for maximum playability and better grip.

These are the best pickleball gloves for sweat hands with one-piece construction for strength, moisture-wicking leather, and a secure wrist strap with solid construction and durability. The easy on/off pull tab simplifies glove removal. New, improved, and innovative construction with its stronghold and secure fit makes franklin pickleball gloves an all-time favorite of players.

Main specifications

Color None 
Material Faux leather 
Suggested user Unisex-adult
Hand Orientation Left 
Ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars

Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball

Quality features

  • Comes with an opening on both sides.
  • Good to use during cold weather.
  • Ideal gloves for both pickleball and tennis.


  • Works well to keep hands warm.


  • Restricts hand manipulation.

Looking forward to having a pickleball game during the chilled weather, then you must not forget to grab a hand on Tourna Hot Gloves. The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt being the pickleball gloves for winter is extremely suitable for those cold weather days. Made with 100% pure fleece, these gloves offer you a one-size fit for all. Move your hand into one side of these gloves and put the handle of your pickleball paddle through the other side. 

It’s better than a glove as it allows you to put your hand directly on the handle. Put in on and take it off with ease. You can play the whole match with it or just use it for warm-ups with its comfortable grip.

Main specifications

Color Black
Material Fleece, Other
Size One size
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars

Tourna Sports Tennis and Pickleball Glove – Ladies 

Quality features

  • Delivers excellent control with better traction.
  • Keeps hand warm during winter and absorbs sweat during summer.
  • Extra soft and comfortable gloves for both tennis and pickleball players.


  • Durable.
  • Great gloves keep hands warm.
  • Appropriate sizes.


  • Fragile. 

Constructed with 99% leather and 1% terry, the Tourna Sports Gloves are the best ladies’ pickleball gloves in the market. The premium quality calfskin leather makes these gloves extra thin with a soft, smooth, and comfortable feel for players. These gloves are built with Velcro closure that enables them easy to put on and take off. Also, the backside is made of plush terry to enable comfort on your wrist.

It comes in measurements of a small size which is 6.5″, a medium which is 7″ and a Large is 7.5″ / XL = 8″. You can also choose either full or half fingers according to your requirements. 

Main specifications

Color White
Material Leather
Suggested user ‎Women’s
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars

EastKing Lightweight Winter Gloves for Men Women

Quality features

  • Stylish gloves with a minimalist look for most outdoor sports.
  • Touch screen-friendly gloves.
  • Water-resistant and windproof gloves.


  • Keeps your hand warms at the minimum temperatures.
  • Water resistant and windproof.
  • Good product at a great price.


  • Do not work well with a touch screen.

These thermal-insulated warm gloves are a must-have for winter players. The EastKing winter gloves are the best pickleball gloves for winter and let you enjoy outdoor sports with warm, comfy hands. The non-slip design allows the gloves to hold the steering wheel firmly and allows you to touch the car navigation screen to use the GPS without taking off the gloves while driving.

These are windproof and waterproof gloves and so keep your hands warm and dry while you exercise in the snow or light rain. The lining has good warmth which does not hurt the skin and is very comfortable to wear.

These gloves are suitable for any occasion in daily life whether it is biking, riding, hiking, driving, skiing, running, climbing, or snowboarding. These are the best pickleball gloves and are super comfortable and lightweight to carry and there is no need to take them off when you want to play with your phone on a cold winter day.

Main specifications

Color Black 
Material Windproof polyester
Suggested user Men 
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars

Head Leather Racquetball Glove

Quality features

  • The tough synthetic leather gives maximum comfort and durability.
  • The cool tech spandex enables cooling and a comfortable grip.
  • The added padding offers secure dive shots.


  • Comfortable and fit fingers well.
  • Prevents palm from sweating.
  • Durable. 


  • The seam location for the left thumb is not good.

Take the court by storm with HEAD leather racquetball gloves, loaded with premium features and made of durable synthetic leather, these are the best pickleball gloves that offer lightweight and comfortable. These HEAD gloves are finished with silicone webbing across the palm and fingers for ultimate grip right where you need it. 

To magnify your performance on the court, these gloves are equipped with a high-performance cool tech spandex material that maximizes cooling and air circulation. The Dive pads offer added durability and protection. These gloves are available in multiple sizes for both right- and left-handed players. These are also of pickleball gloves for summer as they keep your palm cool and sweat-free during summer games.

Main specifications

Color Black/ Red
Material Silicon / Microfiber COOLMESH / COOLT
Suggested user Unisex-adult
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars

Callaway Dawn Patrol Glove Women’s

Quality features

  • Worn on the left hand.’
  • Premium quality leather gives more comfort.
  • The perforated top reduces moisture to keep the palm cool.


  • Top quality.
  • Great fit.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Poorly sewn.

The Callaway Dawn Patrol gloves for women showcase the ultimate performance and durability. These are the best ladies’ pickleball gloves constructed with premium leather to give you a better feel and comfort. The perforated top hand and fingers offer moisture reduction and maximum breathability to keep your hands cool and sweat-free. The Opti fit adjustable closure enables a thin and secure fit delivering maximum playability.

Main specifications

Color White 
Material Leather 
Suggested user Women’s
Hand Orientation Left 
Ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars

WILSON Sting Racquetball Glove

Quality features

  • No stress thumb prevents bunching.
  • The Carbretta Sheep skin gives a premium soft feel and comfort.
  • The Dive padding protects hands and gloves.


  • Keeps the paddle from slipping.
  • Gives a great feel.
  • Well-fitting with good performance.


  • Insufficient to reduce injuries.

Cabretta leather provides a superior feel with great comfort and grip during the entire match. Dive padding on the outside finger protects your hand and fingers along with the life of your glove. These are one of the best pickleball gloves that come with a no-stress thumb to avoid bunching.

Main specifications

Color Black/Yellow
Material Linen
Suggested user Unisex-adult
Hand Orientation ‎Right
Ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars

BIONIC Men’s Ergonomic Racquetball Glove with Genuine Leather

Quality features

  • The flexible padding on the back of the hand offers knuckle protection from floor and wall impacts.
  • These gloves increase grip strength and support the hand’s natural dexterity and anatomical relief.
  • The lightweight breathable material will help your hands stay comfortable and cool.


  • Helps in better grip.
  • Super comfortable to wear.
  • Enables ventilation.


  • Not specified.

Constructed with high-grade, washable goatskin leather, the BIONIC Men’s glove provides a durable and grippy palm. The glove’s anatomical pad system evens out the surface of the hand for a lighter, grip and it also minimizes fatigue. 

These gloves also keep moisture in check with eleven terry cloth mini-towels inside of the glove to absorb sweat and provide greater wrist support. 

Typically, the high points of the bone rub against tools and equipment, causing blisters, fatigue, and calluses. Bionic gloves are designed to solve this problem with strategically placed pads in the glove. 

Pre- Bionic gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural motion of your fingers, to offer a comfortable, softer, second-skin feel, and natural movement when gripping. Bionic gloves offer Motion Zones over the knuckles, and Web Zones between the fingers, made of breathable and stretchable Lycra to provide greater flexibility, support the hand’s natural dexterity, and keep the hands dry and cool.

Main specifications

Color ‎Gray/Black
Material Spandex, Leather
Suggested user Men’s 
Hand Orientation Left 
Ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars

Selection of the best pickleball gloves

Wearing a glove while playing pickleball is important if a player finds it difficult to keep a grip on his paddle. Here we find out does pickleball gloves actually help 

In summer it’s really common for players to sweat more than normal if playing outside. The fact is the humid and hot weather may cause an issue when a player is griping the pickleball paddle if his hand is wet then he slips while hitting the shots.

For such reasons we observed that almost every racquetball player wears a glove that’s because if a player is playing in a fully-enclosed court he surely going to sweat in spite playing in air conditioning.

A pickleball glove is really important if you feel pain or injury in your hand during a game. While searching for pickleball gloves, one should keep the following points in mind. By keeping such factors in one’s mind he will get a good glove for himself.

With the help of such points, you’ll find the perfect glove in no time that will provide you protection against wrist injury 


Find yourself a pickleball glove that fits you well. Getting yourself a good firing glove is really important. Like in cricket or in a football game, to keep players’ hands and wrists safe specific hard design gloves are used, in the same way, pickleball gloves are used to protect your hands during pickleball games.

For most player some areas like their palms required better cover as they bear bouncing and also holds paddle. Pickleball glove’s curves are designed in such a way it provides a proper fitting with protection and comfort. It will feel like a 2nd skin to protect you from getting any hand or wrist injury.

Be aware of   such pickleball gloves that are labeled as “one size fits all.” For some players, such gloves will either be smaller or bigger in size which affects their playing style. 

Pickleball glove Material

Pickleball gloves are made of different materials but their main purpose is to provide a strong and perfect grip with protection to the area, especially around the palm. 

The main purpose of using gloves is to keep up with a good challenging game without getting any injury. It is really important to get a pickleball glove whose material is strong enough to hold on during the game. Here are some materials that are used in pickleball gloves.


The most commonly used glove for pickleball is “Goatskin leather”. Goatskin leather gloves are mostly used by beginners. Some women players like such gloves for playing pickleball however it is not considered as the best ladies’ pickleball gloves when compared to Cabretta leather. Also in regards to durability and softness it is not considered well.

Synthetic leather

Synthetic leather pickleball gloves are cheaper but are composed of soft natural authentic leather-like material providing less durability and more elasticity.

Tackifier leather

Tackifier leather gloves are mostly used as riding gloves or as gloves for football receivers. It gives a “sticky” feel which helps to improve the paddle grip. it depends on players’ choice as some like tackifier leather, and some don’t.

 If a player finds himself in difficulty keeping control of the paddle, the tackifier leather gloves provide them grip and better control of the paddle while some players (especially women players) don’t feel the same way.

Cabretta leather

Cabretta leather is a bit prized as it is made of sheepskin-like material. Cabretta leather gloves provide more durability with softness.

Actually, Cabretta is considered the king of athletic glove leathers, highly comfortable that why it is also considered best for playing pickleball. Companies get it from a sheep that grows hair instead of wool, which makes it harder to get as compared to other types of sheepskin.

Flexibility and Adjustability

Like in every racquet sport, it’s important to get the best gloves for playing pickleball that is completely fit for the player’s hand.  

After a recent survey, it’s proved that the number of females playing pickleball has increased so gloves with labels like “one size fit all ” design do not work with them.

To solve this problem gloves with “Velcro straps” are well-designed and featured. It has a slanted adjustment strap which allows the natural alignment that adjusts with the player’s wrist whether the player is male or female.  

Absorption and Breathability

Some gloves have tiny ventilation holes that are considered to be called Breathability. Breathability keeps players hands from getting hot and sweaty, which not only detracts players from showing their abilities, but also gives an unpleasant feeling. 

Some of the Other materials such as gloves are made of are Spandex, Lycra, and Neoprene. Of all these materials except “Spandex ” to be the best and superior material, because it is thinnest. Such materials have low airflow as compared to mesh and it also has the capacity of larger cushion and absorption.

Moisture Control

Some players, whether it’s male or female, have sweaty hands. If they use normal gloves, they feel uncomfortable, wet, and heavy which absolutely affects their grip on the paddle.

For such players, companies have designed moisture control and sweat absorption.

The main purpose of such gloves is to either absorb or wick away moisture. Such gloves are considered the best pickleball gloves for sweaty hands.

If a player does not have sweaty hands but plays with such gloves their hands feel slicking it’s difficult for them to keep a secure grip on their paddle. 

Warmth and Style 

Mostly wearing gloves is recommended as it provides more warmth to the palm especially when players are playing in air conditioner court or outdoor cold weather.

In racket sports while playing players suffer from cold hand performance which affects their grip and control of the game. Gloves make sure that the performance of the play during the game isn’t affected by the cold.

However, there are no specific gloves for the winter or summer seasons.

Substance, function, and style are three powerful elements that show the reflection of the player.

Safety and Protection

Racket sports are actually a killer for player wrist and hands. The hard grip and rubbing of the player’s palm and fingers against the handle may cause injury. In some cases, after a long session of playing players suffer from blisters and soreness. While playing, players may fall scraping their hands on the floor which also causes palm injury especially if they are not using any kind of wear like” gloves” for protection.

Such incidents are also common in pickleball as players are mostly holding a paddle, running, falling, and trying to reach for balls. In short, pickleball gloves are recommended because they provide protection and safety to the players.


Does professional players wear pickleball gloves?

Most former tennis players and ladies considered it necessary to wear pickleball gloves not only to play a challenging game but also for their own safety.

 Are summer and winter pickleball gloves different?

Basically, there is no specific rule like the best winter or summer gloves while playing pickleball. The main purpose for wearing gloves is to control the grip on the paddle. There are some companies that design gloves for sweaty hands.

It’s completely the player’s own choice which type of gloves he has to use as there are also some players who even don’t wear gloves while playing pickleball.

Who needs a pickleball glove? 

Well, it depends on the player’s personal choice. If a beginner has some difficulty with his grip and control of the paddle or if he is a regular player and wants to improve his game then they must get affordable gloves for themselves.

Do we need different types of gloves in different seasons?

Well, there is no specific rule for wearing summer and winter gloves. Most gloves are made from leather types material whose main purpose is to provide a solid grip on the paddle.