Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Play Pickleball


In recent years the number of pickleball players increased from 40% to 4.8 million players around the world.  It is also predictable that at least 40 million people are enjoying pickleball. Even in Washington pickleball is considered the “official state sport”.

 In 1965 Pickleball was played on Bainbridge Island (Washington) as a game that provided creativity and fun to kids as time passed its popularity was reaching sky high, especially in the USA States.

In the last few years, pickleball popularity has been increasing because of many reasons as pickleball is considered appropriate for players of all ages.

Why pickleball is so popular?

According to the recent report of the United States and Fitness Industry Association from 2021 to 2022, Pickleball was named the fastest-growing sport in the United States.

The Popularity of pickleball gains the attraction of investors and sponsors, so the “professional pickleball league” was even made in 2021.

Pickleball gives them fun with good aerobic workouts without causing injury. Pickleball serves seniors as a good hobby to enjoy their retirement. Pickleball popularity is not limited to seniors as young people under the age of 18-25 also find it challenging at the same time entertaining and fun. 

Mostly younger people find pickleball a good game to be played with their grandparents. It provides quality time for family bonding. In short, it offers something for everyone. Pickleball rules are also easier and simpler to learn, making it a productive sport. 

If the player got to practice and experience it also became challenging and competitive. USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) considered pickleball as a “highly contagious sport”.

Practically anyone can learn how to play pickleball even if someone is just a beginner who just wants to learn a new game for fun “pickleball “will be a good option.

The Reasons to play pickleball

 Whether playing as a sport for fun or as a recreational activity with friends and family, Pickleball is a good sport that maintains one’s own fitness, health, agility, and strength.

Pickleball not only provides physical health but also provides mental and social health benefits as well. 

1: Easy to learn to learn 

Playing pickleball is not dependent on youth or strength. It can be played even if you are a new player; one can start the game at any age and can play for a lifetime. Pickleball requires simple and easier rules.

The larger paddles are used to make the ball get easily hit with little practice. The new players generally volley back and forth over the net in practice for an hour. Pickleball doesn’t require a long time to get skilled. 

Pickleball court dimensions are less than the size of a tennis court, and serves and returns are not required to be precise for the ball to stay in play. 

2: Boosts your social activity

It’s common for pickleball players to develop friendship bonds on the court.  Pickleball courts are smaller which makes it easier for two people to have some conversations while playing. Almost 60% say players agreed that they play for social reasons. 

Generally, pickleball provides opportunities for interaction even with strangers. As well as being a great physical workout pickleball is also a great chance to meet people, find new friends or spend time with family and friends.

Pickleball is an excellent choice for 50+ who played tennis but now have health and physical limitations as it helps

 3: Availability of courts

Some players like to play pickleball in smaller areas, some also like to use a tennis court. The truth is not only can a tennis court be used to play pickleball, but it can easily have two games carried on at the same time on a single tennis court. 

It’s still a good cardio workout if smaller size courts are not considered as it means less running for players. 

 A standard pickleball court should be measured as 44 feet long inclusive of lines and around 20 feet wide also inclusive of lines.

4: Affordable 

If someone wants to include exercise in their daily routine, pickleball is an inexpensive choice to do so. Prices for paddles can be different for those just starting, they can find a good paddle for less than $30 with 6 packs of balls for less than $10. 

The pickleball courts can be publicly built but kept maintained by the local municipality for a such reason no entry fee is required.

For private or profitable clubs, of course, fees are required for membership but one can also get extra facilities like showers, locker rooms, a coffee bar, or a cafeteria.

Pickleball is literally an inexpensive game. All one requires is a paddle, a pickleball, and importantly a court for that a public park, a street, or a driveway can be used.

5: Health benefits of Pickleball 

If you’re looking for an exercise to keep both your body and brain active then “Pickleball” is a good choice. Without excessive stress and pressure, pickleball enables you to work equally on your mental health and fitness.

Pickleball is a low-impact game that gives less strain and stress to muscles and joints, reducing the risk of chronic health conditions by building stamina for older seniors. Pickleball is a healthy benefit game for seniors as well as for younger people.

It maintains the cardiovascular system which helps in dealing with major problems of older age like high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart attack, hypertension, and strokes and it also minimizes arthritis that prevents seniors from performing daily tasks.

6: Helps in Weight loss

According to new research if you play pickleball 3 days per week it will also help in weight loss like if you play pickleball for 30 minutes 250 calories can easily burn. 

 It is also observed that playing pickleball minimizes arthritis symptoms, cholesterol level improves to 5%, cardiorespiratory fitness increases by a ratio of 12%, and even blood pressure decreases to 3.5%. 

7: A game for all skill level

According to the U.S.A. Pickleball Association’s skill ratings are around 1.0-5. Some are also level around 1.0 to 2.0.  with lesser understanding. A player with a 3.0 rating understands the game; he can hit a backhand, forehand, serve, and also have the ability to win. While if someone is rated 5.5, he is an expert who regularly plays at a high level and also wins.

 8: A fun game for all ages

 The most interesting thing about pickleball is that it is not limited to specific age groups. Everyone can play pickleball from children who are strong enough to hold and swing the paddle to adults and even older people in their retirement. 

Such reasons make pickleball a popular family bonding activity too. Anyone can play Pickleball whether it’s a teenager or 75 years old.

Pickleball cannot be played alone like tennis. Pickleball gameplay required two players which allowed players to hold in some conversation so if someone wanted to bond with his family or wanted a new friend playing pickleball just made it easier. Pickleball also provides the ability to stay in shape in a fun workout. It is a social game that brings people closer to one another offering a whole bunch of new teammates or friends.


Pickleball is not as challenging and demanding as tennis. Furthermore, pickleball is easier on the body and the rules are so similar to ping-pong, practically anyone can easily learn how to play.

In Pickleball the ball doesn’t bounce high, and the paddle and the courts are smaller. Many former tennis players considered playing pickleball as the same basic principles of tennis that can be applied in pickleball with low body movement.

Pickleball is not a fad but it is like a viral video going mainstream because it doesn’t require a lot of hard work or practice to play. It provides both fun and challenge in a healthy way.

As pickleball doesn’t require any certain age limit it is easier to learn from a young person to an older person. It requires a smaller court to play within it’s not just a sport it’s a social gathering to make new friends.

Pickleball is especially played on holidays with grandparents which makes them active and laugh as it brings two generations together that is why it is so addictive. 

Pickleball is mostly popular in western countries, especially in the United States, France, and some of the Asian countries but not in Africa.

In the International Pickleball Federation, “37 “countries are included while ” East Naples Community Park” (Naples, Collier County) is considered the pickleball capital of the world. 

This facility consists of at least 80 courts providing at least 2000 players a floor for open championships. Naples and Florida are called the unofficial title of Pickleball Capitals of the World. Naples has 60 well-organized Pickleball Centres.

According to a recent report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, Pickleball is a highly growing sport in America, especially in Seattle, Washington.

Pickleball is played in almost every state in the U.S., as well as in almost 60 countries around the world.