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Can you play pickleball on a tennis court?

Sneaking into a tennis court and wondering that can you play pickleball on a tennis court? Well, here is a detailed answer for you that begins with an absolute Yes!

You desperately want to play pickleball but no pickleball courts are available around you. Okay, then how about playing it on a tennis court? Yeah, you heard right, you can easily play pickleball on a tennis court if there is at least one available around you. 

The only thing you are going to need is a very basic and simple tennis court, you can easily find at least one in your city. But there are a few things to keep in mind you start to play pickleball on a tennis court.

Pickleball court length is approximately 2 feet longer than a basic tennis court. Pickleball lines on the court can be marked by using markers, cones, or water bottles or you can use short rubber strips as they are a great option in terms of price, transport, and easily marking pickleball lines on a tennis court.

Well, you can use any of the items mentioned above, any of these items will help you to draw temporary pickleball lines on a tennis court as you cannot use any permanent material like paint and tape on a tennis court as the court will further be used by a tennis player and having court owner permission is also very important. 

Things you need to know

So, if you have already made up your mind to use a tennis court as a pickleball then before you start to play pickleball on a tennis court here are a few guidelines to follow:

  1. The lines parallel to the net will be the baseline or the black of your pickleball court.
  1. Now the second step is to mark some temporary pickleball lines on a tennis court, for the sideline mark almost 3 feet from each of the single’s lines on the tennis court. You can mark the place with cones or other markers or you can simply use singles lines from the tennis court as sidelines. But using the sidelines of the tennis court will make your pickleball court wider than a regular pickleball court, which will cause more side-to-side movement, that’s why it is not recommended by professionals. 
  1. You will also need to mark the centreline of your pickleball court, for this purpose the centreline of the service box of the tennis court will be the best option to use.
  1. A net is one the most important essentials required to play pickleball. You need to consider the net height before you use the tennis net as your pickleball net tennis nets are 2 inches higher than a regular pickleball net. Now it’s your choice to lower the net about 2 inches in the middle or just leave the net as it is. 
  1. But if you decide to lower the net then all you have to do is to slide the tennis net Centre and strap it to one side after you have played your match place the strap back into its original position and never leave it strapped to the one side as the will lose its tension will become useless for tennis players. 
  1. The last thing you need you to need to do is to mark the “kitchen” or no-volley zone and also the only part of the court that you must have to mark by yourself to play pickleball on a tennis court. To mark the no-volley zone, you need to walk almost 7 feet away from the net toward the backline and then mark the point.

You are ready to play pickleball on a tennis court once you have marked the non-volley zone.  However, we will not recommend any kind of permanent alternations to the tennis court as it will be considered property damage.

Rules to follow

Once you have established your pickleball court on a tennis court, now you are almost ready to play it. But there is only one more thing left to know and that is pickleball rules.

The best pickleball player always remembers the rules and guidelines of their pickleball play. We provide you with some basic pickleball rules you need to know before you start to play pickleball on a tennis court

  • While playing pickleball on the tennis court, the ball must stay within boundary lines. If it goes out of bounds your opponent will get a point.
  • A player is considered to be the best pickleball player when he skilfully knows how to exactly bounce the ball on each side at least one time, commonly known as the “two bounce” rule. 
  • The player who is serving the ball must serve it from the back line and below the waistline, across the court. 
  • One of the most important rules of pickleball is how you serve the ball. The way you serve the ball can easily turn you from the best pickleball player to the worse pickleball player. While serving, the ball should not land in the no-volley zone. Once the served ball is done and play has started then the ball can land in no volley or kitchen zone. 
  • Once a player or a team reaches 11,15 or 21 points the game ends. A player has 15 points and their opponent has 14 points then the player needs 2 more points to win the game. The winning team has to win by two points. 

Cost Requirements

You must be thinking about how much it is going to cost to build a pickleball court or what are expensive for turning a tennis court into a pickleball court so that you can easily play pickleball on a tennis court.

Off course, no one wants to do that if it is going to cost too much money. Well, we have good news for you, you have a lot of options to build a pickleball court and all of them simply depend on your budget and your requirements.

Building a pickleball court depends on the type of person who is going to play on it. Are you a beginner or a professional, how often you are going to be playing on that court? The location of the court also plays a very important part in, if it’s in a club or a park. 

But most people prefer a tennis court to establish their pickleball court as it is easy and the cost to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court is much lower than building a new one plus if you are already a part of a tennis club then it’s a bonus point. In that case, the only thing you are going to need is a net, some cones, and markers.

If you are part of a tennis club, then you can easily use your tennis courts as pickleball courts, and all you need are the markers and a net which is going to be very inexpensive. 

But if you are building a brand new pickleball for your personal training or for club use then the building cost for that one is going to be relatively higher as have to start from scratch. Building the court on grass or ready-made concrete also affects your budget.

You can build a pickleball court by yourself or can hire a contractor to build it for you. Always remember to choose a contractor who is an experienced and well-qualified installer of the pickleball ball court. 

A pickleball contractor will benefit able as he will give you an approximate cost of all expenditures from surfaces chosen for the court to lighting and fencing of the court. 

The surface of the court

There are four main options available for the surface of the pickleball court. The prices carry according to the surface coating you choose for your court. 

When it comes to the surface of the court both pickleball and tennis can be easily played on different types of courts. Each of these surfaces gives a different playing style to the player.

1. Carpet Courts

Carpeted courts are made by artificial turf filled with sand in the form of piles. They are mostly considered carpets that generally have fast surfaces, giving us a hardcourt with low bounce. 

2. Grass Courts

These are the most common types of court surface and also the most widely used surface, but these days they are very rare to find in courts as they require high maintenance which makes them very expensive as they are often mown and water to maintain their condition for the matches.

Grass courts are considered to be the fastest type of court available. In this type of court surface grass is grown on hard-packed soil. The bounce of the ball depends on the condition of the grass.

3. Hard Courts

Hard courts are considered great surfaces for outdoor matches. They are covered with an acrylic surface layer which gives greater consistency of bounce but is faster than grass courts. 

4. Clay Courts

Clay courts are made by crushing shale, stone or brick. They slow down the speed of the ball which creates a higher bounce than any other court surface. These courts are more inexpensive to construct than any other types of courts but require high maintenance.

Calories burning ratio

The studies published in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, suggest that pickleball can provide a moderate workout for older or middle-aged people if they play as much as 4.5 hours a week.

The guidelines for the Federal physical activity recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity per week for adults to get more calories burned to play pickleball.

In order to know about the number of calories one can burn by playing pickleball and to know if pickleball is as vigorous as tennis or jogging the researchers at the University of Manitoba equipped almost 53 recreational pickleball players with accelerometers to measure their steps and smartwatches to track their heart rates.

The ages of the participants varied from 29 to 73, however, most of them were old and middle-aged.

The participants warmed up by jogging or walking around the courts for three minutes at an intensity they felt was “moderate” and then practiced hitting various pickleball shots for 2 to 5 minutes before the game in order to check the least number of calories they could potentially burn.

The game played by the participants lasted for about an hour, with 22 of them playing singles, and the rest playing doubles. 

The time during which they played also included short breaks if participants needed to rotate off a court and if they wanted to wait for the next available court.

The study found that based on accelerometer data showing step counts, players averaged 3,322 steps per hour burning more than 100 calories and, in that time, about 80 percent of singles pickleball play was of moderate intensity. (The rest was light intensity.)

But players’ heart rate readings showed that both doubles and singles competition provided more than a workout to burn calories than the step counts showed, during singles and doubles play, many of the women’s and men heart rates reached about 111 beats per minute, a level that is likely to put older people into the moderate-exercise range.

The mean heart rate of the participants also reached about 70 percent of the maximum predicted heart rate for both double and single players, which meets the definition of moderate activity suggested by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Both singles and doubles pickleball players who play pickleball on a tennis court spend about 40 percent of their time in the moderate heart rate intensity zone, and about 30 percent in the vigorous zone, roughly 30 percent in light activity suggesting that with enough playing time, players could reach recommended activity goals.

Pickleball, played with a paddle and perforated polymer ball, combines elements of tennis, badminton, table tennis, and racquetball and players compete in a smaller space than tennis players; up to four pickleball courts can fit on a standard tennis court.

People of all ages play it, but the sport has long been associated with seniors and retirees after three men in Washington state invented it in 1965.


Can you play pickleball on the grass

Yes, you can play it on the grass. Playing Pickleball on grass is a great option as it will help to improve your skills and you will learn more about the rules. 

How many calories do you burn playing pickleball

The number of calories burned playing pickleball is almost 250 calories in 30 minutes, if he/ she plays more aggressively they can burn up to 350 calories for 30 minutes of play. 

How to become a pro pickleball player

To become a professional Pickleball player you have to practice daily for hours to work on your skills. Hiring a pickleball coach will be a great decision, as he will highlight your flaws and strengths.
You can also join a pickleball club, it will give you a chance to meet with professional Pickleball players and learn from their play.  

Who is the best pickleball player in the world 

Ben John is the world’s greatest pro pickleball player. 

How to become a 3.5 pickleball player

To become a 3.5, you have to spend hours of drill practicing and power shots, less lobbying, and focus on improving your target.

You also have to keep a close eye on the ball and find yourself a paddle with the best and most comfortable grip. 

Can you play pickleball on a tennis court net

Yes, you can play pickleball on a tennis court, but for that, you have to make some semi-permanent changes like adjusting the net height and marking no volley zone and sidelines.

Once you have played your match you have to put everything back to its original place for the tennis players 

Does Pickleball damage tennis courts

Well, if you use permanent material to mark the tennis court for your pickleball play then definitely you are damaging the tennis court and it will become useless for tennis players. That’s the reason we recommend you to use semi-permanent material to mark temporary pickleball lines on a tennis court. 
Also, if you make any adjustments to the net and do not place it back to its original form the net will lose its tension.