How to Hit a Pickleball with Power: Quick Tips

Playing pickleball is super fun. If you want to hit the ball even stronger, we’ve got some simple tips for you. Whether you’re a pickleball pro or just getting started, these tips will help you become a power player in no time.

1.Get Strong in Your Belly and Legs

To hit the ball strong, you need a strong base. Do exercises like squats and lunges to strengthen your belly and legs. This will help you stand steady on the court and hit powerful shots.

Easy Tip: Do squats and lunges when you exercise to make your pickleball shots extra strong.

2. Hold on Tight

Grab your paddle and hold on tight! Use hand grips or squeeze stress balls to make your grip firm. A strong grip helps you control the paddle and confidently hit the ball.

Easy Tip: Squeeze a stress ball a few times daily to make your hand strong for pickleball.

3. Use Your Whole Body

It’s not just about your arm but your whole body. When you swing, use your legs, hips, and belly. This makes your shots powerful and awesome.

Easy Tip: Swing your paddle smoothly, using your whole body for solid shots.

4. Move Your Weight Right

When you swing, move your weight from your back to your front foot. This simple move makes your shots even stronger.

Easy Tip: Practice moving your weight while swinging slowly to get it just right.

5. Warm Up with Bouncy Moves

Before you play, do bouncy moves to warm up. These moves prepare your muscles for action and help you hit the ball with lots of power.

Easy Tip: Bounce and move for a few minutes before playing pickleball to be super ready.

6. Jump and Squat for Power

Jump and squat exercises are like magic for power. They make your legs and body super strong for those quick shots.

Easy Tip: Jump and squat daily to be a pickleball power player.

7. Practice a Lot

To get better, you need to practice a lot. Regular practice makes your shots better and better over time.

Easy Tip: Play pickleball regularly and focus on getting better each time you play.

8. Move Your Feet Fast

Pickleball is all about moving fast. Practice moving your feet quickly so you’re always in the right spot for solid shots.

Easy Tip: Run in different directions to prepare your feet for pickleball action.

9. Get Help from a Coach

Ask someone good at pickleball to help you get better. They can give you tips and tricks to make your shots awesome.

Easy Tip: Listen to what a pickleball pro says and try it out during your games.

10. Play with Strong Friends

Playing against friends who hit the ball strong helps you get better. You’ll learn new tricks and become a stronger player.

Easy Tip: Play with friends who are good at pickleball to become a super strong player.

11. Hit at the Right Time

Timing is super important. Practice hitting the ball at just the right time. It makes your shots way better.

Easy Tip: Watch the ball and practice hitting it at the perfect moment.

12. Snap Your Wrist

Make your shots fancy by snapping your wrist. It adds extra speed to your paddle and makes your hits even stronger.

Easy Tip: Snap your wrist faster each time you play to make your shots super cool.

13. Hit Everywhere on Your Paddle

Don’t just hit in one spot. Hit the ball all over your paddle. Find the best spot that makes your shots super strong.

Easy Tip: Try hitting the ball in different places on your paddle to see where it works best.

14. Mix Up Your Shots

Be tricky! Use different shots like drives, smashes, and volleys. It makes your game fun and your shots powerful.

Easy Tip: Surprise your friends using different shots to make the game exciting.

15. Record Yourself Playing

Use your phone to record yourself playing pickleball. Watch the video and see where you can get better. It’s like having a coach with you!

Easy Tip: Record yourself playing sometimes to see how awesome you are and what you can do better.

Follow these easy tips, and you’ll hit pickleballs like a pro. Getting better takes time, so have fun and enjoy becoming a super-strong pickleball player!


So, there you have it—simple tips to make your pickleball shots super strong. It’s all about having fun and practicing a little every day. Getting better takes time, but every swing brings you closer to being a pickleball superstar. So, grab your paddle, have a blast on the court, and enjoy the journey of becoming a power player. You’ve got this!

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