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Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Players

The best pickleball paddles for advanced players make the cut with their outstanding features to compete at high levels and win the tournament. Therefore, it is imperative to choose them wisely!

When it comes to the highest level of sports and one needs to blow the competition away by giving perfectly shot after shot hits, they cannot ignore the importance of the rightly selected gear. The same is the case with pickleball. To get the game into full swing, the advanced players need unconventional, high-tech, ultimate power and control paddles that serve them according to their strategy.

Pickleball is certainly one of the most popular and fastest-growing sports that have brilliantly blended the elements of tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. However, unlike tennis, pickleball doesn’t require years of practice to be perfect on the court.

Still, it is important that the equipment required to play these sports must meet the needs of the players. Though pickleball paddles look quite similar alike, they are differing in their features and the way they serve in the court.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a glance at the list of specifications and servings of the best pickleball paddles for advanced players that we compiled, before you add them to your cart!

Diadem Warrior Carbon Fiber

Quality features

  • The Taper Tech grip circumference provides a smooth, stable, and comfortable grip.
  • The premium-quality carbon fiber face gives extra control and enhanced spin.
  • The 3XL-Core gives exceptional power and an excellent feel.


  • Gives the best service.
  • Fine-tuned sports gear for advanced players.
  • Delivers powerful hits.


  • This paddle is not recommended for beginners.

The revolutionary design of the Diadem Warrior paddle delivers ultimate power and control and stands out as one of the best carbon fiber pickleball paddles. Combined with multiple new technologies, Diadem enhances the playability of the players to another level. The Polypropylene and Nomex honeycomb core sandwich together delivers great power, feel, and control.

This 19mm pickleball paddle is one of the thickest paddles on the market. The 3XL-Core creates a powerful hit with a better feel at the moment when the ball dinks on the paddle. The Diadem delivers a solid and better texture with excellent spin potential and a comfortable grip. Along with the Taper Tech, the

Aramid honeycomb core technology makes the Warrior the highest-quality pickleball paddle with an enormous sweet spot and powerful shot deliverer.

Main specifications

Weight8.5 oz
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Grip Size4-1/8 inches
TechnologyAramid honeycomb

Engage Pursuit EX 6.0 Thick Core Graphite

Quality features

  • Innovative design with polymer composite technology.
  • Approved by USAPA for sanctioned tournaments.
  • Optimized with vibration control technology.


  • Dampens vibration.
  • Delivers excellent power with better control.
  • Makes less noise.


  • Expensive.

The rough texture and enhanced grip of the New Engage Pursuit EX make it the best-rated graphite pickleball paddle among its competitors. The paddle has been long in the process and went through a series of transitions to come out as the best top-selling pickleball paddle in the market.

The hard graphite skin of Pursuit EX makes it the most responsive and unique paddle with reimagined spin, control, and feel. The rough textured skin combined with controlled compression of the black core delivers outstanding power with ultimate touch.

Main specifications

Weight8.3 Ounces
Handle Length5”
Grip Size4 1/4 inches
TechnologyControl Pro Polymer

Franklin Sports Pro

Quality features

  • The polypropylene core enables durability and the fiberglass surface ensures a larger sweet spot.
  • The MaxGrit technology dampens the vibration and provides optimum control.
  • This paddle provides precision play at the highest levels.


  • Reduces vibration on powerful strokes.
  • Provides optimum hit.
  • Offers a wider sweet spot.


  • Not specified.

Franklin Sports Pro is professionally constructed by pros to deliver maximum power, control, and win. The brand-new MaxGrit technology provides enhanced spin and dampens vibration to a minimum. It also adds features like precise play and optimal control to the paddle. Franklin Sports Pro not only offers great traction but also increases the spin of the ball.

This USAPA-approved paddle features a fiberglass face and polypropylene core and delivers a stout and sturdy base for an effortless shot. Franklin Sports Pro is the best finesse pickleball paddle to deliver a competitive game at tournament play. It is a certified paddle and a number one choice among the best pickleball paddles for advanced players.

Main specifications

Weight7.5 – 8 OZ
Grip Size4.25″

Gamma NeuCore Hellbender

Quality features

  • The elongated midweight handle provides swift motion at the kitchen line.
  • The honeycomb core cushion enables a comfortable grip.
  • This paddle featuring the RZR texture graphite face offers great touch and control.


  • Gives a lot of spins and a superior feel.
  • Comfortable cushioned grip.
  • Elongated handle for players who prefer using both hands for strokes.


  • Narrow sweet spot.

The nice pop color and high-quality hit are rightly revered for Gamma NeuCore Hellbender pickleball paddles. The best-elongated pickleball paddle in the market Gamma NeuCore delivers consistency in its shots and offers a competitively reliable power at every stroke. This premium quality paddle with its graphite face tends to change the shape of its sweet spot and enables the player to hit at ball perfectly.

The thin paddle of Gamma NeuCore with its narrow but longer sweet spot offers to hit more to the side of the sweet spot. The Hellbender from Gamma delivers unbeatable control and a high level of performance across the court. The textured graphite surface of this paddle gives a responsive feel. And this USAPA-approved paddle empowers players to master every game like a pro!

Main specifications

Weight0.55 Pounds
Grip Size4 (1/8)
TechnologySensa Poly Core

HEAD Extreme Tour Max

Quality features

  • The optimized tubular core construction technology offers a perfect feel with great playability and reduces sound to a minimum.
  • The lightweight paddle gives an excellent pop on the ball and delivers an incredible touch.
  • It delivers the best extra power suitable for advanced players.


  • Best for giving powerful hits.
  • Enables a great feel for comfortable play.
  • Suggested for players of all skill levels.


  • Heavyweight pickleball paddle for beginners.

The Extreme Tour Max by Head is exceptionally designed to be the heaviest paddle with additional power, maximized control, and great touch. The Unique Diamond shape and extreme spin texture of this paddle enable the powerful hitting surface.

The Optimized Tubular Construction, graphite face, and polymer core of Extreme Tour Max make the paddle highly responsive for authoritative strokes and makes it the best value pickleball paddle in the market. The increased control and reactive nature of this paddle combine to create a perfect blend of playability for all levels of players.

Main specifications

Weight8.1 oz
Length16 in
MaterialPolypropylene/Carbon fiber
Grip Size4 (1/8)
TechnologyTubular Construction (OTC) and CONTROL STABILIZER TECHNOLOGY

JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion

Quality features

  • The reactive Polypropylene Honeycomb core maximizes the consistency of this paddle to enhance the feel and dampens vibration to a minimum.
  • The CFS technology enables advanced, long-lasting power and provides maximum spin.
  • This paddle is approved by USAPA and provides aggressive performance against offensive players.


  • Highly suitable advanced players who like to hit aggressive strokes.
  • Dampens the vibration to a minimum.
  • Delivers powerful shots across the court.


  • Expensive.

Designed in cooperation with the World’s No.1 pickleball player Ben Johns, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 is one of the best pickleball paddles for advanced players. This paddle is an innovative creation of JOOLA to provide players with an extreme level of winning performance.

The smartly designed Hyper foam Edge Wall not only adds weight and stability but also offers an enhanced sweet spot for that ensures a consistent premium performance across the court. The carbon friction surface enhances the spin with long-lasting raw power and feels with every strike.

The maximized durability and control make Hyperion CFS 16 one of the best all-around pickleball paddles of the time.

Main specifications

MaterialCarbon Fiber
Grip Size4.25in

Onix Evoke Premier Composite

Quality features

  • The Atomic 13 Edge Technology disperses shock and enables increasing power with great touch.
  • The DF Composite face of this paddle provides great spin and better control.
  • USAPA-approved paddle for sanctioned tournaments.


  • Gives enhanced power for ultimate shots.
  • Reduces vibration.
  • Enables perfect strikes.


  • Slightly heavier for beginners.

The precisely cut polypropylene core and DF Composite face of the Onix Envoke Premium composite pickleball paddle deliver incredible touch with great spin. The minimal coating of the DF Composite Face on this paddle softens the ball without losing the spin.

The disperse shock technology with Atomic 13 Edge Technology combines to create a specific edge guard that reduces the shock and increases the swing speed of the paddle.

The paddle is designed to bring on power and precision play to the players with competing performances all across the country. Designed by top pickleball players Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova, the paddle proves itself to be the best mid-range pickleball paddle up now.

Main specifications

MaterialDF Composite face
Grip Size4.125”
TechnologyAtomic13 Edge Technology

Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro

Quality features

  • The Smart Response technology offers a powerful yet controlled hit.
  • This paddle features a large sweet spot that provides exceptional power and speed to the players.
  • The precise speed and play of this paddle make it an incomparable choice for strategic players.


  • Large sweet spot.
  • High-track performance.
  • Best for strategic players.


  • Slightly heavy paddle for beginners.

The fiercer hits and exceptional performance across the court make the new Tempest Reign Pro the best rated-graphite pickleball paddle among its competitors. The Smart Response Technology of this elongated paddle enhances both speed and power and the standard grip size enables innovative high-track performance during strategic games.

The large sweet spot makes this paddle a big win for professional players and helps them deliver their best at the highest levels of play. The High-grade honeycomb core and graphite surface offer unmatched control and reach. Unlike the plastic pickleball paddles, this USAPA-approved paddle provides players with unimaginable power and excellent control and enables them to enjoy the influence with every hit.

Main specifications

Weight7.6 – 8oz
LengthLength 16 1/2”
Grip Size4 3/8”

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon

Quality features

  • The Nomex Honeycomb core gives amazing ball control.
  • The paddle provides spectacular touch and control for players of all levels.
  • Approved by USAPA and ensure the best game across the court.


  • The paddle allows excellent shot delivery.
  • Provides great support for spin and control.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not specified by users.

The leading pickleball paddle in the world of this fastest-growing sport, the Onix Z5 Graphite ensures a spectacular touch and ultimate control that enhances its popularity and admiration beyond the court. This paddle offers lightweight yet highly effective support and ensures the best game.

The protected edge guard and long tennis handle shape enable great spin and control and the players dive to hit a shot without any worries.

This paddle is highly recommended for players devoted to playing pickleball. And add support, speed, pop, control, and maneuverability to their game. This lightweight pickleball paddle allows the players to compete at the highest levels and is known as the best pickleball paddle for spin and support.

Main Specifications

Weight7.5-8.2 lbs
Grip Size4 ¼”

Franklin Sports Centre 13MM Carbon PDL

Quality features

  • The paddle delivers an enormous sweet spot and great control.
  • The Max Grit Technology enables outstanding power in the court.
  • The polypropylene court gives a durable base and strong effortless shot after shot.


  • Provides a wide sweet spot.
  • Gives maximum durability and control.
  • Enables powerful shots.


  • Not suggested for beginners.

The professionally designed high-quality pickleball paddles at Franklin Sports Centre feature the new MaxGrit Technology that ensures increased ball spin and a strong durable base for shot after. This paddle elevates the game to the next level with its optimal control and premium-quality vibration-dampening design.

Designed in coordination with Pro Aspen Kem, Franklin Sports Centre generates great speed and unmatchable durability. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, this peddle is the number 1 choice of professional and advanced players. The paddles enable the ultimate balance of power and control and are constructed to compete and win.

Main Specifications

Weight7.5 – 7.8oz
Grip Size4.25
TechnologyMax Grit

Factors that affect the choice of pickleball paddles

While we glimpse at the different things that play their part in choosing the right pickleball paddle, we come across a variety of factors that are imperative to take care of. While pickleball paddles look nearly identical to each other they are not exactly the same. Each paddle differs from the other one

in a variety of different factors and a perfect blend of all these factors gives us the best pickleball paddles for advanced players as well as intermediate players.

For your ease, we have compiled all those factors together in a section as below:

Weight of the paddle

Weight is one of the most crucial specifications to count on while shopping for a pickleball paddle. The weight of the pickleball paddle not only influences the power of your hit, but also determines the speed of the paddle through the air, the durability and control of the paddle, and its impact on your arm.

The common weight range of a pickleball paddle is from 7.0 oz to 13 oz or you can say that this weight ranges from one cup of granulated sugar to a little less than an American football. The weight is also an important factor to consider in the comfort and feel that the paddle would deliver during the game.

Therefore, we can say that the weight of the paddle highly affects the strength, style, and overall experience of the player.

The pickleball paddles are divided into three categories according to their weight

  • Lightweight
  • Mid-weight
  • Heavyweight

Let’s explore each of these categories and their importance.

Lightweight pickleball paddle

These paddles range between 7.00 oz to 7.8 oz in their weight and are a great choice for beginners. The strong players who believe in prioritizing control and speed in their game without getting fatigued also go for a lightweight pickleball paddle. This paddle delivers a quick and full-swing play style.


  • These paddles are good for doubles.
  • They minimize fatigue.
  • Less prone to an elbow injury.
  • Provides great speed at the net.
  • Easy to hold.


  • These paddles generate less power.
  • Requires more force to deliver a powerful shot.

Mid-weight pickleball paddle

The weight of these paddles ranges from 7.8-8.3 oz and is best for players of all skill levels. Mid-weight paddles give better power and control and deliver great drives with winning shots.


  • Delivers a balanced play style.
  • Gives optimum power and control.
  • They are good for placing matchless shots.
  • These paddles are a great option for players suffering from tennis elbow.


  • These paddles are not suggested for players with specialized play styles or techniques.

Heavyweight pickleball paddles

The weight of these paddles is normally more than 8.3 oz and is wonderful for generating powerful shots. These paddles derive more power with outstanding control but are not suitable for beginners.


  • These paddles are good for singles.
  • They serve best in windy conditions.
  • They derive powerful shots with little effort.


  • More prone to elbow tennis.
  • Gives less control.
  • They are not useful during double matches.
  • Decreases the speed of hand at the net.

Shape of the pickleball paddle

The evolution of pickleball paddles is just like any other sports equipment. The brands are constantly looking for ways to deliver a paddle with a soft, quiet, powerful control, spin-friendly with a forceful hitting surface and a unique shape. The different shapes of pickleball paddles are useful for players with different hitting styles and techniques. These shapes are divided as

1. Standard pickleball paddle

2. Elongated pickleball paddle

3. Widebody pickleball paddle

4. Teardrop pickleball paddle

Standard pickleball paddle

These paddles have a traditional look and provide a balance between power and control. Their size roughly ranges from 15-15 ¾” in length and 8” in width.

Elongated pickleball paddles

These paddles are more popular and are 16” in length. These paddles are more suitable for skilled players. They provide an extended sweet spot and are good for single players.

Teardrop pickleball paddle

These paddles are in round or oval in shape with an extended sweet spot.

Widebody pickleball paddle

They typically measure 8” in width and provide a great sweet spot.

Material of pickleball paddles

There are different types of materials used in the construction of a pickleball paddle. Wood, plastic, carbon fiber, and graphite, each one of these perform differently in the court. Fiberglass is used in the construction of beginner to intermediate-level pickleball paddles while carbon fiber and graphite are used to build the intermediate to advanced pickleball paddles.

The thickness of the pickleball paddles

The core of a pickleball paddle refers to its thickness. A thin core will give more power but a smaller sweet spot and less control. While a thicker core will give a bigger sweet spot with a great potential for spins.

The Edge-guard

The edge guard determines the durability of the paddle. The razor-like edge guard with protective specifications is highly suitable for advanced players.


Are pickleball paddles with longer grip better than shorter ones?

Players usually customizes the grip size according to their needs. However, it is true that paddles with longer grip provides more stability and durability and hence are better than paddles with shorter grip.

What is the maximum useability of a pickleball paddle?

The maximum useability of a pickleball paddle is from one to five years. But pickleball paddles which are highly durable with their premium quality delivers more lifespan.

Do heavier pickleball paddles serve better than lighter ones?

The heavy pickleball paddles deliver more power and force than lightweight pickleball paddles and gives more powerful, authoritative shots.